The world of online gambling is a massive global industry. People all around the world are excited to try and win extra money for their households. No one ever has too much cash at hand, and playing online casino games can sometimes bring in more. Naturally, the house always wins in the end, but this does not keep players away from trying their luck and having some fun with high-quality games.

In addition to winning money from slots, there are several other ways to make the gambling industry work in your favor. One of them is building a so-called casino affiliate site—or choosing to invest in one. In this article, we take a look at whether or not investing in affiliate sites is generally a good idea.

What are casino affiliate sites?

First, we need to establish what casino affiliate sites actually are. They are basically websites that are used to gather information about specific online casinos. specializes in tax-free online casinos. More often than not, affiliates will have some deals in place with all the casino brands that they list on their page. The main idea is to link people to these casinos and get a cut for every new customer that is being brought in.

Casino affiliate sites can build their businesses in many different ways. Most affiliate sites out there make their money writing online casino reviews and posting links to the casinos next to them. This way, an interested reader can get a ton of information about a casino of interest and then choose to visit. Other casino affiliates will mostly only list online casinos with no written reviews available.

Typically, some casino affiliate sites are more trustworthy than others. Since the owners of the sites benefit from bringing in new customers to casinos, some of them will be very biased in their reviews. This way, they can more easily convert readers to new customers instead of making them click away disappointed. However, despite this, many casino affiliates actually strive to bring their readers good and honest information. This way, those readers will be more inclined to come back for more, which can also increase the organic growth of the affiliate in question.

How do casino affiliates make their money?

Casino affiliates work in cooperation with online casino brands. There are three types of deals that a casino affiliate can strike with a casino.

The first one is the so-called CPA deal. In this deal, the affiliate receives money for each of the online casino customers that it brings to the brand. Each of these customers needs to first make their first deposit for the deal to come into effect. The casino usually pays a fixed rate for every customer. Oftentimes, this rate will be bigger than the size of the deposit the customer makes. For instance, a casino might pay 50 euros for every customer, even if they only deposit 20 euros on their first go-around.

The second possible deal is the Rev share deal. In this deal, the affiliate receives a cut of every euro that the customers it brings to the site end up losing. This cut can be anywhere between 15% to 45%, depending on the deal and the number of customers that the affiliate brings. In revenue share deals, the overall revenue is usually counted monthly with potential winnings deducted from the monthly total.

The third deal is the hybrid. This deal combines elements from both CPA and Rev share deals. In other words, affiliates will get a fixed rate for every customer as well as a cut from all the money they bring in.

Should you invest in casino affiliates?

There are not many known casino affiliate companies available for people to invest in. However, there are some out there. With all types of investing, it is very important to remember that no investment is a 100% certain way to make money. There are always risks with each of them.

Over time, the most active casino affiliates can make a huge amount of money from all the customers that they bring to casinos. For instance, let us say that a big affiliate site manages to bring 5,000 people to a new casino. The money that these people may end up losing could easily be in the hundreds of thousands. If the casino gets a rev share cut of 45%, even linking players to one single brand could turn out to be incredibly lucrative.

The best thing about affiliate deals is that they rarely ever expire. This means that the affiliate could end up raking in money for years for each of the casinos that it promotes.

People investing in casino affiliate companies may be able to enjoy some of the revenue that these companies bring in. However, it should be noted that a lot of the money will always go towards company expenses, wages, and everything else as well.